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GEODNATECH is a registered telecommunication vendor known for providing internet services, airtime VTU, cable TV subscriptions, electricity payment, converting airtime to cash, bitcoin buying and selling, and selling of UK used phones like Iphones, Samsung etc. at a very cheap and affordable price.

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GEODNATECH also gives people the opportunity of becoming their reseller and be making money on hourly and daily basis so as to boost their financial status.

We offer instant recharge of Airtime, Databundle, CableTV (DStv, GOtv & Startimes), Electricity Bill Payemnt, Conversion of Airtime to cash and selling of result checkers(WAEC & NECO) at better rates than others.

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Why choose Us?

Here at GEODNATECH our services are completely Fast, Secure & Automated. We provide 24/7 Support to our registered users.


Convert MTN, 9mobile, Airtel and Glo airtime to cash instantly. Airtime topup and data purchase are automated and get delivered to you almost instantly.

we're Fast

GEODNATECH lets you purchase mobile data, top up airtime, pay your cable and electricity bills e.t.c all at the speed of light.

You're Safe

Your E-wallet is secured with a military grade comodo SSL certificate to ensure that your funds will be safe for as long as you want it to be.

We're Reliable

We use a customized application specifically designed for testing noise to keep away from people.

Our Awsome Services

We Provide The Best Services.

Buy Data

Start enjoying this very low rates Data plan for your internet browsing databundles.

Utility Payment

Because we understand your needs, we have made bills and utilities payment convenient..

Cable subscription

Instantly Activate Cable subscription with favourable discount compared to others.

Airtime TopUp

Making an online recharge has become very easy and safe on GEODNATECH.

Airtime To Cash

We offer this service at a very good attractive rate login to see current conversion rate.

Bulk SMS

Send BulkSMS to any number for as low as just 1.5kobo per unit.



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Our Affordable Data Prices


250.0MB ₦68 one month
500.0MB ₦120 0ne month
500.0MB ₦135 one month
500.0MB ₦135 1month
1.0GB ₦230 One-day
1.0GB ₦240 (1month)
1.0GB ₦265 (1 week)
1.0GB ₦270 (1month)
1.0GB ₦270 (1month)
2.0GB ₦480 0ne month
2.0GB ₦540 (1month)
2.0GB ₦540 (1month)
3.5GB ₦560 Two-days
1.0GB ₦585 (1day
3.0GB ₦700 one month
3.0GB ₦720 0ne month
3.0GB ₦810 (1month)
3.0GB ₦810 0ne month
5.0GB ₦1200 0ne month
5.0GB ₦1350 (1month)
5.0GB ₦1350 (1month)
6.0GB ₦1400 0ne month
3.0GB ₦1555 (1month)
4.0GB ₦1940 1month
15.0GB ₦2200 Seven-days
9.0GB ₦2200 0ne month
12.0GB ₦2400 0ne month
10.0GB ₦2700 1month
10.0GB ₦2700 (1month)
10.0GB ₦3400 (1month)
12.0GB ₦3840 (1month)
15.0GB ₦4050 one month
20.0GB ₦5340 (1month)
20.0GB ₦5400 One month
24.0GB ₦5500 one month
40.0GB ₦10680 (1month)
40.0GB ₦10800 One month
75.0GB ₦15520 (1month)
100.0GB ₦19400 two months
120.0GB ₦21340 (1month)
200.0GB ₦29100 (1month)
400.0GB ₦48500 3months
1.0TB ₦97000 6MONTHS HYNET
500.0GB ₦106500 0ne month
1000.0GB ₦213000 30days
5000.0GB ₦1065000 One month
10000.0GB ₦2130000 One month


500.0MB ₦138 2weeks
1.0GB ₦275 one month
1.8GB ₦425 1gb nite+800mb day(2weeks)
2.0GB ₦550 one month
3.0GB ₦825 one month
3.9GB ₦850 inclu 2GB nite(1month)
7.5GB ₦1275 4GB bonus(1month)
5.0GB ₦1375 one month
9.2GB ₦1700 4GB bonus(1month)
10.8GB ₦2125 4GB bonus(1month)
10.0GB ₦2750 one month
14.0GB ₦2775 4GB bonus(1month)
18.0GB ₦3700 4GB bonus(1month)
24.0GB ₦4625 4GB bonus(1month)
29.5GB ₦7400 2GB bonus(1month)
50.0GB ₦8500 4GB bonus(1month)
93.0GB ₦13875 7GB bonus(1month)
119.0GB ₦16650 10GB bonus(1month)
138.0GB ₦18500 12GB bonus(1month)
1.0TB ₦85000 one year


100.0MB ₦28 1 week
300.0MB ₦84 1 week
500.0MB ₦140 one month
1.0GB ₦280 one month
750.0MB ₦480 2weeks
2.0GB ₦560 one month
1.2GB ₦950 1month
1.5GB ₦1140 (1month)
5.0GB ₦1400 one month
3.0GB ₦1425 (1month)
4.5GB ₦1900 (1month)
6.0GB ₦2375 30 days
10.0GB ₦2800 0ne month
10.0GB ₦2850 1month
11.0GB ₦3800 (1month)
15.0GB ₦4200 1month
18.0GB ₦4750 1month
20.0GB ₦5600 0ne month
40.0GB ₦9500 (1month)
75.0GB ₦14250 (1month)
120.0GB ₦19000 (1month)
240.0GB ₦28500 one month
500.0GB ₦100000 0ne month
1000.0GB ₦200000 0ne month
5000.0GB ₦1000000 0ne month
10000.0GB ₦2050000 0ne month
50000.0GB ₦10250000 0ne month


300.0MB ₦49 one week
500.0MB ₦70 2weeks
1.0GB ₦140 one month
2.0GB ₦280 one month
3.0GB ₦420 one month
500.0MB ₦450 One month
5.0GB ₦725 one month
2.0GB ₦880 (1month)
2.5GB ₦1058 (1month)
7.0GB ₦1320 0ne week
3.0GB ₦1320 (1month)
10.0GB ₦1400 one month
5.5GB ₦1760 (1month)
20.0GB ₦2800 one month
15.0GB ₦3520 (1month)
24.0GB ₦4400 (1month)
40.0GB ₦5600 one month
50.0GB ₦8800 (1month)
80.0GB ₦13200 (1month)

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the frequently asked questions about our services.

Faq Image
1. How To Buy Data?

1. Log in to your account

2. If not click here to register

3. After log in click fund my account

4. Select Coupon payment ,NB:You can buy coupon code from our agents

2. How Do I Fund My Wallet?

You can fund your wallet using any of our Four payment means:

a. Bank payment.

b. Online Payment with your ATM card details via Paystack/Monnify Payment Gateway .

c. Payment with airtime.

d. Payment with Coupon Code(s).

3. Can I Send Airtime?

Yes you can, but payment with airtime attract little additional charge. Kindly fund your wallet with airtime

4. What Are The Codes For Checking Data Balance?

1. MTN-> *323#

2. 9mobile[Gifting]-> *228#

3. Airtel-> *323#

4. Glo-> *323#.

5. Can Data Bought from you be Shared?

Only for Glo

MTN ,9mobile ,airtel data can’t be shared


Download GEODNATECH Android app, compatible with all devices. Search for GEODNATECH on playstore or click on the image below to download the app on Playstore. Will soon be available on App Store.

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Winner's Chapel, Abuja.

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Call: +234 704 809 4736 .